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Access Superior Kare

ASK is designed to provide the ultimate service in customized home health care to individuals and families who require and desire an elite level of care.

ASK programs objective is to go above and beyond in delivering service that meets our established Gold Standards of Superior Care.

Major value added benefits of ASK include:

Develop and implement an all-inclusive customized care and social plan to enhance a healthy quality of life and maintain social involvement with family and friends.

A managerial level Quality Assurance Program ensures delivery of superior care meeting our Gold Standard of service.

ASK Certified Caregivers must successfully complete assigned continuing education units on our Accessible Online Academy.

We extensively match ASK Certified Caregivers that have experience in caring for patients with their specific health condition.

We coordinate, implement and communicate logistics for medical and social outings to designated loved ones.

Initial & regular thorough background verification of ASK Certified Caregivers are done.

Client and family have access to Accessible Online Academy.